SG-99 Extreme High Temp Copper Grease


SG-99 Is designed as a “Unique” Grease where Exceptional High Heat is Unavoidable, Such Like; Geothermal, Steam boiler, Kiln car, Steel mills, Automotive manufacturing, Baking & Cooking ovens, Foundries, Forging and all slow moving, high temperature bearings. Can be used as valve lubricant & sealant. it is water insoluble synthetic, non-ash base “carrier ” agent, fortified with high concentrated super-micron, infinitesimal fine-mesh lubricant.


SG-99 is commonly used in steel mill, mining equipment, snowmobiles, snow removal equipment, ski-lifts, car wash conveyors, food processing equipment, foundry, furnace door ladle trundle bearings, conveyor bearings, oven cars, bricks kiln cars, baking & cooking ovens and all slow moving, high temperature, extremely wet or cold temperatures conditions.


1. Extreme Heat resistant to (1204.4 ° C).
2. Excellent mechanical and shear stability.
3. Non harden, drip and separate.
4. Withstands Extreme Pressure, reduce torque.
5. Prevent metal seizure up, provide long term protection, ease dismantling interlock parts.
6. Reduction in friction results in reduced wear which in turn leads to increased bearing life.

Incorporated into this blend of high viscosity index 100% paraffin base oils, aluminum complex thickener, selected additives and the polymer base additive system is synthesized Moly and a proprietary solid lubricant. The synthesized Moly and this proprietary solid lubricant acting in synergism with each other plates themselves to the metal surfaces of the bearings. Once plated to the metal surfaces of the bearings, the synthesized Moly and the proprietary solid lubricant form a long lasting solid lubricant film that is capable of withstanding pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus giving the metal surfaces of the bearings the protection they need during periods of high speed, high shock loads and extreme pressure. 



18 KG

Usable Temperature Range
-40 ° C to 1204 ° C
Penetration ASTM D-217
Drop Point ASTM D-2265
Evaporation ASTM D-2595
6%10 hrs @ 210 °F