M-1000 is a special solvent deposited, short to long term rust preventative. This product has a very low surface tension and viscosity and therefore spreads rapidly, penetrating into all hard to reach parts and covering all surfaces however irregular. It dried to leave a continuous protective coating of viscous petroleum products and additives that have powerful rust preventative properties.

Molysyn Drum

Packaging: 19 LTR, 208LTR

This product is particularly useful where the metal parts to be treated are wet, because the chemistry of M-1000 has powerful attraction to the metal surface and this completely displaces all traces of water before laying down the protective rust preventing film. M-1000 is very effective as a rust preventative in damp atmospheres and all climates.


M-1000 is recommended for all short and long term rust proofing. It is particularly suitable for use in machine shops as an inter operation rust preventative for wet parts. This product is also highly recommended for protecting bright steel wire, bars, billets, sections and sheets during storage and transport. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. The low viscosity of this product ensures minimum drag out when using the dipping process, and in large scale systems this can show significant saving, over other types of products. The product is ready for use straight from the drum, no stirring or mixing is required, however, the drum must be kept closed to avoid excessive evaporation of the solvent. If parts that have been treated with M-1000 are to be subsequently painted, the coating must be removed prior to painting and this can be achieved using commercially available solvents such as Paraffin.

Protection Performance: