M-299 Is an Advance Thread Seize Stop Lubricant, Especially Design for Today’s Industry in Tough Working Condition and Wide Operating Temperature Range Encountered Upto 1193° C.

High Performance Extreme Pressure Synthetic Greases

Packaging: 18 KG


M-299 – Is a superior grade extra heavy duty, extreme pressure and low fiction lubricating compound:

  • Acids, Caustics, Alkali and Water Resistant.
  •  Extreme Heat resistant to 1193° C.
  •  Non harden, drip and separate.
  •  Withstands Extreme Pressure, reduce torque.
  •  Corrosion and rust inhibitors.
  •  Contained no hazardous and non-toxic properties.
  •  Compatible with stainless steel and nickel alloys.
  •  Prevent metal seizure up, provide long term protection, ease dismantling interlocked parts.

M-299 provide excellent protection form Acids, Caustics and Alkali. It is safe to use with Anhydrous Ammonia, Acetylene and other Vinyl monomers.


M-299 performs to temperatures easily goes up to 1193° C, not harden, drip or separate, it still give a good lubricity and ease to dismantle parts. It prevents Galvanic Pitting on all types of machinery and metal fittings.

Extreme Pressure Protection:

M-299 specially blended with extreme pressure additives, which provide excellent E.P withstanding properties, insure minimum torque requirement.

Rust & corrosion inhibitors:

M-299 has a good water resistant properties to prevent rust and corrosion set in, prevent seizing and galling.


M-299 is compatible to all type of metals and plastic, allow reuse of damaged threaded parts. Unlike using ordinary for releasing, it often damage the parts, components and the surrounding areas, M-299 is totally harmless and will not corrode surrounding and intricate components locked.

Environmentally sage: 

M-299 will form a life-long protection shield against oxidation, cancer of rust and corrosive resultants, it will not wash away or evaporate, is an advanced lubricant for thread.


It is suggested to use on all components and parts before the cancer of rust sets in, applications include: All Nuts & Bolts, Studs, gaskets, washers, plugs, tube connections, steam pipes, fluid carriers, Bushings, Cam Rollers, Chains, Show Moving Drives, Slow
Moving Bearings, dies, Drills, Gears, Generators, Joints, Keyways, Motors, Packing, Press fits, Pump, Shafts, Sleeves, Spark Plugs, Taps, Unions, Valve Stems, Wristpins. They are used in: Steel Mills and Foundries, Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants, Construction and Farm equipment, Autos and Trucks, Electric Power and other utilities, Oil Drilling and Mining, Diesel and Gasoline Engines, Marine Motors and Shipyards, Paper Mills, Sewer Facilities, Reaction Chambers, Plastic Industry, Earthmoving Equipment and any industry where corrosion, extreme heat and pressure conditions are major factor.


Usable Temperature Range: -40 ° C to 1193 ° C.

Penetration: ASTM D-217 360-380.

Drop Point: ASTM D-2265 None.

Evaporation: ASTM D-2595 6%10 hrs @ 210 ° F.