Hydraulic Oil


Petrosynth Lubricants is manufacturer of Supreme Hydraulic Oil in UAE. Hydraulic Oil is a multi-purpose for all kinds of Hydraulic Systems, Lubricators, Oil Circulating Systems, and General Machinery Lubrication and scientifically formulated from high quality, solvent – refined paraffin base stocks with the most advanced features:

  • High VI paraffin base stocks, retain uniform viscosity over wide temperature Range.
  •  Exclusive anti – oxidation inhibitor for long life at elevated temperatures.
  •  Good foam dispersant additive.
  •  Superior rust and corrosion protection.
  •  Quick water separation capability.
  •  Improved pliability of seals, reduce oil leakage and consumption.

Petrosynth Supreme Hydraulic Oil is the most advanced multipurpose oil, carefully refined with selected premium base stocks and advanced additive chemistry an exclusive oxidation and wear inhibitors to provide much longer service life.

Petrsoynth Lubricants manufacture multi-grades Hydraulic Oil in UAE.