Molysyn -610 – Is a Premium Diesel Fuel Additive Specially formulated for Injector Cleanliness, Improved Lubricity, Power, Fuel Economy and Reduced Smoke Emissions.

Molysyn -610 – Is a Premium Diesel Fuel Additive Specially formulated for Injector Cleanliness, Improved Lubricity, Power, Fuel Economy and Reduced Smoke Emissions.

Improves quality of your diesel and efficiency of diesel engines and burner fuel heating system with the following features:

Molysyn Drum

Packaging: 19 LTR, 208LTR

1. Superior CETANE IMPROVER, up to 4 points.
2. Cleans dirty injector, prevent scuffing, increase both fuel system and engine life.
3. Increase horsepower up to 10%.
4. Does not raise sulphur or aromatic content.
5. Prevent rust and corrosion, makes fuel filters last longer.
6. Reduce polluting emissions & exhaust smoke and particulates, a reduction in black smoke.
7. Improves fuel storage stability.
8. Keeps seals soft & pliable.
9. Maximum fuel economy to more than pay for itself.
10. Easier cold weather starting.
11. Reduced misfiring at lower air inlet temperatures.
12. Faster warm-up.
13. Superior Cummins L-10 and N-14 performance.
14. Dispersion of insoluble gums and varnish present in low quality fuels.
15. Excellent deposit control for light duty and medium duty indirect injected diesel engines.
16. Improved Combustion of the fuel by completely vaporizing the fuel into smaller particles, thus providing better fuel economy and preventing a significant loss in engine power.
17. Modification of existing injector deposits, allowing for their removal an safe passage into the combustion chamber where they can be burned.
18. Excellent anti-wear protection for injectors and fuel pumps, especially for those engines burning low sulphur diesel fuel.
19. Supplemental ring and valve-train anti-wear protection.
20. Lubrication of the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors.
21. Increased Thermal Stability to the diesel fuel in order to provide the ability to resist thermal degradation.
22. Allow the diesel fuel to meet the NCWM’s Proposed Diesel Fuel Specifications.



M-610 help to increase cetane up to 4 points, is a super fuel booster, formulated to remove sludge and gum formation in diesel and burner fuels, help to minimize maintenance and downtime.


M-610 contain ash less detergent additives, which help to prevent the
accumulation of insoluble contaminations (sludge) in the fuel tank and feed lines keeping
injector tips, inlet & exhaust valves, and filters from becoming clogged, prolong parts life.


The unique olefin corrosion inhibitor act as a plating action to protect against oxidation (corrosion) and make fuel filters last longer.


M-610 control premature aging and failure of plastic and rubber seals and gaskets in engine and pumps.


Fuel must be treated with M- 610 before healthy colonies of micro-organism are formed, these elements will causes the fuel to become stringy and milky looking and will foul fuel filters and rob power from the diesel engine.


Because of the cleanliness, it help to improve combustion, increase horsepower up to 10% and minimize fuel consumption.

Molysyn -610 – is suitable for use and meets the US EPA requirements for blending into low sulphur diesel fuels. When used at the recommended treatment ratio, Diesel Additive will not cause a measurable increase in the sulphur content of the diesel fuel and will not have any measureable effect on the Cetane index or aromatic content of the diesel fuel.


Use 1 part of M-610 to each 2000 part of fuel. For “one shot” improvement 2 – 3 parts M- 610 to 2,000 part diesel fuel.