SG-90 Cable & Wire Rope Grease


SG-90 Is an Advanced technology Latest Development Wire Rope Lubricant to meet today’s Tough Mechanism conditions. It has long lasting protection because of its ultra tackiness, heavy duty, tenacious and durability of coating, and yet it is an Asphalt-free lubricant.


It is specially formulated to provide extended service life over a wide range of temperatures for All types of Wire Ropes common to Mining, Construction and Marine Industries. Also use in Arduous Rope such as : Drag Line Hoist and Underground Mine Drift Ropes, Shafts and Winding Rope, Flexible Coupling Chains, and Partly Enclosed Gears, also on Sliding Surfaces of Drag Lines and Shovels, Open Gears of Mine Hoist, Ball Mills, Rubber Mixers, Cement Mills, Coke Ovens, and Other Applications where Adhesive Grease is required.


1. Resistance to corrosion by acid, alkaline or salt water.
2. The formation of a non-tacky surface that resists adhering of dirt and abrasives.
3. Excellent Water “Wash – out” resistant.
4. Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure protection to reduce metal to metal contact between the wires during operation.
5. Rust and corrosion protection within the core, adjacent wires and exterior surfaces.
6. Rapid displacement of moisture.

Incorporated into this blend of high viscosity index 100% paraffin base oils, aluminum complex thickener, selected additives and the polymer base additive system is synthesized Moly and a proprietary solid lubricant. The synthesized Moly and this proprietary solid lubricant acting in synergism with each other plates themselves to the metal surfaces of the bearings. Once plated to the metal surfaces of the bearings, the synthesized Moly and the proprietary solid lubricant form a long lasting solid lubricant film that is capable of withstanding pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus giving the metal surfaces of the bearings the protection they need during periods of high speed, high shock loads and extreme pressure. 



18 KG

Specific Gravity .9533
Viscosity @ 40°C, Cst
Flash Point °F/°C (ASTM D-92)
Timken OK Load (ASTM D-2782) OK Load lbs./kg
Four Ball EP Test(ASTM D-2596) Weld Load, kg
Load Wear Index kg
Four Ball Wear Test(ASTM D-2266) Scar Diameter mm
Falex Continuous Load (ASTM D-3233) Failure, lbs./kg
Rust Inhibitor (ASTM D-1734)
Copper Strip Corrosion Test(ASTM D-130)